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Today's Prayer Times

  • Imsak    –    6:03 am (Prayer +10 Minute) 
  • Sunraise   –    7:54 am
  • Zuhr   –    12:59 pm
  • Asr   –    3:30 pm
  • Maghreb   –    6:03 pm
  • Isha   –    7:54 pm


The International Astronomical Center (IAC) pays great attention to prayer time calculations, especially in the northern regions where the sign of prayer times disappear in certain days. After consulting many Islamic communities in Europe, and after reviewing the available Prayer Times software and websites, the IAC found out that it is necessary to establish a website specialized in calculating Prayer Times in a precise and accurate manner. Thus, the IAC under the patronage of Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department in Dubai has launched this website in order to calculate the Prayer Times precisely all over the world taking into consideration the various astronomical and Shar’ia criteria.
Features of this Website:

1- This website is supervised by elite class of specialized people in Prayer times. Thus, the website is distinguished by providing Prayer Times in an accurate manner.

2- As for the northern regions when the signs of prayer times disappear or the prayer times are considerably late, the website initially calculates the real Prayer Times of the selected region, and displays them without any amendment, then, it gives the user the choice either to show these real times or to calculate alternative times upon disappearance or very late times, in the contrary to most of websites and applications which replace the real times despite its existence and often in a proper time  without notifying the user accordingly.

3- User is not obliged to calculate the Prayer Times using a single method or angle, otherwise, the user is fully free to choose the settings he deems suitable.

4- This website can be used by ordinary person who has no previous experience in calculating Prayer Times, as it can automatically know the user’s location and then calculates the Prayer Times according to initial settings based on what is accredited by most of Islamic countries. Furthermore, it can also be used by expert person as well by providing advanced settings if user wishes to do so.

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